Color Vision Test

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What’s the Purpose of a Color Vision Test?

A color vision test—also called a color-blind test—detects what colors a color-blind person might not be able to see.

color vision test

How to Perform a Color Vision Test

A color-blind test can be performed at home or in a doctor’s office. It involves looking at a series of colorful circles that contain different colored numbers inside them to see whether you can make out each number. If you can’t make out one or more of the numbers, you may be color-blind.

Consult a Cleveland Eye Clinic Doctor

To determine whether you’re truly color-blind, we recommend consulting a professional vision specialist at Cleveland Eye Clinic. While a color vision test is helpful, a trained eye doctor can provide the answers you need.

Answers: A = 29 B = 6 C = 56 D = 25 E = 8 F = 45

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