The cornea is the clear front window of the eye that covers the colored iris and the round pupil. Light is focused while passing through the cornea so we can see. The Cleveland Eye Clinic has many corneal surgical options that work with the cornea. Schedule an appointment to learn more, and all your questions answered in regards to Cornea health.



Corneal Transplant

Due to conditions such as scarring after injury or infections, keratoconus, a hereditary corneal failure, or any other condition resulting in glare or blurred vision, corneal surgery can be performed to remove the damaged cornea and replace it with a clear donor cornea.

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CXL procedure (Corneal collagen cross-linking surgery)

This is a treatment for keratoconus. It adds cross-links to the cornea making it more stable, holding its shape and helps strengthen the cornea which stops the thinning process and further loss of vision.

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Surgical Treatments for Pterygium

A pterygium is a growth on the clear layer of the eye which can spread to the cornea. If the pterygium is irritating or causing visual problems, a surgical graft can be performed to treat it. Cleveland Eye Clinic offers other options to treat a pterygium as well. A pterygium can be removed for cosmetic purposes too.

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DSEK & PKP Eye Surgery 

Descemet’s Stripping with Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK) a newer cornea transplant technique that replaces only the damaged cell layer instead of replacing the entire thickness of the cornea. With DSEK Eye Surgery, the cornea heals much faster and stronger and the patient’s visual recovery is better. 

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Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! NEW multi-focal IOL technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.

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