Our Staff

Our Research Staff

    • William Wiley, MD, CEC Medical Director
      • Office: 440-526-1974
    • Shamik Bafna, MD, CEC Cornea Services Director
      • Office: 440-526-1974
    • Kathleen Jee, MD, Research Investigator
      • Office: 440-526-1974, Brecksville
    • Thomas Chester, OD, Clinical Director, Brecksville
      • Office: 440-526-1974
    • Jeffrey Augustine, OD, Research Investigator, Clear Choice LASIK Center, Brecksville
      • Office: 440-740-0400

  • Karen Keaton, RN, MPH, Sr. Practice & Research Administrator
    • Office: 440-526-1974
  • Erin Kus-Kreidler, COA, Clinical Research Supervisor
    • Office: 440-526-1974 ext. 326 (Brecksville)
  • Julia Kantorik, COA, Clinical Research Tech Coordinator
    • Office: 440-526-1974 ext. 354 (Brecksville)
  • Garret Hodge, COA, Clinical Research Tech Coordinator
    • Office: 440-526-1974 ext. 354 (Brecksville)
  • Alexandra Mallory, Clinical Research Tech Coordinator
    • Office: 440-526-1974 (Brecksville)
  • Alexandria Cosentino, Masked Examiner
    • Office: 440-526-1974 (Brecksville)

Cataract patients now have an option to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! NEW multi-focal IOL technology can now decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.

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