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The Vuity Eye Drop

If you are between ages 40 and 55, and you would like to be able to read your phone, your computer, and other small print, without the use of reading glasses, the Vuity eye drop may be the solution for you.

What Is Vuity?

Vuity a.k.a. pilocarpine, is the first and only eye drop that is FDA approved for the treatment of presbyopia. Presbyopia is the natural aging of the eye that usually starts to occur around age 40 for most people. Presbyopia makes seeing fine print difficult. People with presbyopia usually require reading glasses or bifocals in order to read. Pilocarpine eye drops are now available at Cleveland Eye Clinic.

How Does Vuity Work?

It is a once-daily eye drop, that makes your pupils smaller so they can focus on an object close to you. An optometrist or ophthalmologist can write you a prescription for the drop after performing a complete eye exam. The effect of the eye drop is likely to last for up to 6 hours. The effect will start within 15 minutes of taking the drop. The prescription will give you about 30 days of use. Patients will be recommended to use one drop in each eye daily. The effect of the drop will become more prominent after consistent use for 30 days.

Vuity can be used by patients who have had LASIK, cataracts, PRK, or SMILE. The drop is most effective for patients ages 40-55. It is not sold over the counter. Patients who are interested in Vuity, should make an appointment for an eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

If your up-close vision has been declining, or if you are tired of having to reach for your reading glasses to read a label, don’t wait! Contact us at Cleveland Eye Clinic to schedule a consultation today.



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