Visual Acuity Test

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What Is Visual Acuity? 

Visual acuity is your eyes’ ability to see clearly. A distance visual acuity chart measures your far-sighted vision or how well you’re able to see far away.

distance chart

A visual acuity test is performed using the typical letter-number chart that hangs on the wall of any eye doctor’s office. It features various-sized, capital black letters. From top to bottom, the chart measures poor vision to perfect vision. The largest letter in the middle of the top row measures 20/200 vision. The small letters at the bottom of the chart measure 20/10 vision. 20/20 is the standard measurement for normal vision.

How to Perform a Visual Acuity Test

Here’s how a visual acuity test is administered.

  1. The doctor will turn off the lights and have you cover one eye at a time
  2. You will recite one letter at a time, starting at the top of the chart and working your way down
  3. You will read to the smallest row of letters your better eye can decipher

Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Routine eye exams involve undergoing a visual acuity test to measure your eyes’ ability to make out letters from a distance. If it’s time to get your eyes checked, request an appointment with the vision specialists at Cleveland Eye Clinic.


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