What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?

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Red or bloodshot eyes can occur for several different reasons, from allergies to corneal ulcers. Even the appearance of bloodshot eyes varies. You may notice pink or red lines in the sclera—the white area of your eyes. It’s also possible for the entire sclera to appear a shade of pink or red. Bloodshot eyes may not present immediate problems with your eyes or vision. However, it’s helpful to know what causes bloodshot eyes and what you can do to get rid of them.

What Does It Mean if My Eyes Are Bloodshot?

What are bloodshot eyes? Bloodshot eyes occur when the white of the eye, also known as the sclera, reddens or appears bloodshot. This typically stems from vessels in the eye growing irritated or inflamed. If your eyes appear to be bloodshot, know that it may not be an indication of a serious health issue. Mostly, bloodshot eyes derive from environmental factors or lifestyle choices.

However, if you frequently experience bloodshot eyes, you should schedule an appointment with a professional. They’ll help you assess your eye issues and diagnose any condition you’re experiencing.


What Causes Bloodshot Eyes

There are several environmental factors, common eye conditions, and serious eye conditions that may cause your eyes to appear bloodshot. Additionally, certain lifestyle choices play a role in the appearance of bloodshot eyes. If you’re an active tobacco or marijuana smoker, you’ve probably noticed redness in your eyes. Even alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and overexposure to digital device screens can cause bloodshot eyes. Below is a breakdown of some of the bloodshot eyes factors and conditions.

Have difficulties matching any one of these causes with your bloodshot eyes? Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor at Cleveland Eye Clinic to help you resolve it.

Environmental Factors that Cause Bloodshot Eyes:

Allergic reactions to airborne allergens
Air pollutants
Dry air climates
Airborne fumes
Airborne Dust
Chemical exposure
Excessive sunlight exposure

Common Eye Conditions

Dry Eyes
Eye allergies
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Contact lens wear
Digital eye strain

Serious Eye Conditions

Eye infections
Eye injury or trauma
Recent eye surgery
Corneal ulcer
Acute glaucoma

What Can Be Done About Bloodshot Eyes

Since various factors can cause bloodshot eyes, finding out how to cure them may involve a vision appointment. You should seek an eye doctor appointment if you feel discomfort in your eyes and/or your vision becomes blurry. These can be signs of a more serious condition, so do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.

One common mistake people make when trying to cure their bloodshot eyes is using the wrong eye drops. Before attempting to treat your bloodshot eyes with ‘red eye remover’ eye drops, ask your doctor first. In some cases, these drops may contain vasoconstrictors, a drug that shrinks blood vessels. The reason you’ll want to see an eye doctor before using ‘red-eye remover’ drops is that frequent use of them may yield unintended consequences. This can include needing to use them more frequently to keep your sclera from turning red/pink. You may also experience more severe bloodshot eyes if you completely stop using these eye drops.

As far as home treatments are concerned, consider removing your contacts—if you wear them—and return to eyeglasses. Your contact lenses could be causing bloodshot eyes. We recommend removing them until you schedule an appointment. Please make sure to bring them to the scheduled appointment with you. Another option to treat your bloodshot eyes is preservative-free eye drops. You can find them in most grocery stores, and they can provide you with relief until you schedule an appointment.

Why Choose the Cleveland Eye Clinic?

When you need professional assistance in diagnosing or curing your red eyes, trust the doctors at Cleveland Eye Clinic. We provide our patients with high-quality vision care at affordable prices and help patients understand whatever condition they may be suffering from. Whether it’s finding the root cause of your bloodshot eyes or finding out if vision surgery is right for you, our staff is dedicated to finding you the right treatment.

Don’t hesitate to seek the medical care you need. Schedule an appointment easily online or over the phone.


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